Opening Session A on Tuesday Morning, April 4, 08:30 PDT (UTC-7).

Anaheim / Disneyland, CA USA
April 3-7, 2023

Come help us celebrate the 100th year of continuously advancing the science and technology of the Wonderful World of Temperature!

The International Temperature Symposia have taken place approximately every 10 years since 1919. These Symposia provide opportunities for the presentation and publication of work related to the measurement and control of temperature, with topics ranging from fundamental research on temperature scales to practical measurement or control solutions in a variety of fields.

The 10th International Temperature Symposium will be held as a ‘live’, face-to-face Conference at the world-renowned Disney Hotel and Resort in Anaheim, California, USA in April of 2023, in conjunction with the Measurement Science Conference, along with a combined technology exhibition.

SPONSORED BY: Measurement Science Conference | CO-SPONSORED BY: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) | PROCEEDINGS PUBLISHED BY: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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Final Call For Papers


  • Thermodynamic Thermometry
  • Radiation Thermometry
  • Temperature Scales
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometry
  • Base-Metal and Nobel Metal Thermocouples
  • W-Re / Refractory Thermocouples
  • Temperature Fixed Points
  • Humidity and Moisture Metrology
  • Medical and Biological Thermometry
  • Electronic and Noise Thermometry
  • Thermal Imaging (Quantitative)
  • Dynamic and Transient Thermometry
  • Space and Astrophysics Thermometry
  • Harsh Environment Thermometry
  • Instrumentation and Data Analysis
  • Environmental and Climate Thermometry
  • Temperature Control
  • Calibration Methods and Uncertainties
  • Food Processing Thermometry
  • Photonic / Fluorescence Thermometry
  • Cryogenic Thermometry
  • Semiconductor Process Thermometry

In addition to the wide range of temperature measurement subjects and expertise being presented at ITS10, we will be recognizing key contributors to the advancement of the ITS series over the past century, and its mission of advancing the science and technology supporting temperature measurements. This will include special recognition events featuring tributes to key individuals and to our academic and corporate partners that have long supported the ITS mission.


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