Dear Colleagues, 

The 10th Meeting of the Temperature Symposium took place in Anaheim California this April at the Disneyland Hotel. The program was well received, and our overall participation was quite good for an event of this type in the post-pandemic time frame. We would like to thank the members of the ITS10 International Program Committee for their vital contributions to making the ITS10 a great success! 

We would like to thank Magdalena Navarro of the NIST International and Academic Affairs Office for special assistance and support. We also wish to thank Jennifer Huergo and her staff at the NIST Public Affairs Office for their special contributions to the Symposium’s centenary. Jacob Ricker of the NIST Sensor Science Division provided logistical support in his role as MSC Liaison. Pam Corey, our IT specialist from the NIST PML Information Office, provided invaluable web support. Finally, James Olthoff, the NIST Chief Metrologist, provided key leadership in international affairs coordination.  

The ITS10 marked 104 years since the original event held in Chicago Illinois in 1919. We took the opportunity at the ITS10 to mark that centenary by looking back on that event and on the many changes that have taken place in temperature measurement since that time. The ITS10 program scope was enlarged to include 9 special workshop lecture sessions for the first time. The inclusion of humidity and trace moisture topics in the ITS10 program was likewise a key to the success of the event. 

We opened the ITS10 on April 4th with a special plenary lecture given by Graham Machin of the NPL on “Progress with realizing the redefined kelvin”. Graham’s lecture set the stage for many recurring themes in the ITS10 program throughout the 3 ½ days, including the new kelvin definition, the ITS-90, and thermodynamic scale realizations. His session was also a memorial tribute to our former Program Chair and Editor, Jim Schooley, who led the Temperature Symposia in 1982 and 1992 in the pivotal transition period when the event became known by its current name, the International Temperature Symposium. We closed the Symposium on the 7th with a special forward-looking presentation by Patrick Rourke of the NRC Canada, along with a guest-panel discussion on “The Future of the International Temperature Scale”. These two sessions punctuated the ITS10 Program content perfectly and gave our audience a complete picture of the current state of the science in ‘Temperature, humidly and trace moisture, their measurement and control in Science and Industry’.  


ITS10 International Program Committee Coordinators:
Wes Tew, International Program Committee, Chair
Howard Yoon, International Program Committee, Vice Chair
Chris Meyer, International Program Committee, Editor, ITS10 Conference Proceedings

Full Roster: ITS10 International Program Committee

Hisashi Abe National Metrology Institute of Japan / AIST Japan
Jovan Bojkovski University Lubljanja Slovenia
Daniel Cárdenas-García El Centro Nacional de Metrología Mexico
Scott Courts LakeShore Cryotronics USA
Martin deGroot Kelvin‐Trainingen Netherlands
Dolores Del Campo El Centro Español de Metrología Spain
Herb Dywer Herb Dwyer & Assocs./Nanmac, Inc USA
Jeff Eldridge NASA Glenn Research Center USA
Xiao Juan Feng National Institute of Metrology China
Jahan Ferdouse National Measurement Institute of Australia Australia
Kenneth Grattan City University London UK
Wang Li Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Singapore
Frank Liebmann Fluke Calibration USA
Graham Machin National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
Andrea Merlone L’Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica Italy
Christopher Meyer , Editor National Institute of Standards and Technology USA
Jan  Nielsen Teknologisk Institut Denmark
Jonathan Pearce National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
Andrea Peruzzi National Research Council Canada
Richard  Phillips UTC Collins Aerospace USA
Klaus Quelhas Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia Brazil
Ofelia Robatto Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay Uruguay
Steffen Rudtsch Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Germany
Mohamed Sadli Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais France
Ciro Alberto  Sánchez Morales Instituto Nacional de Metrologa de Colombia Colombia
Peter Saunders Measurement Standards Laboratory New Zealand
Javier  Skabar Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial Argentina
Richard  Skifton Idaho National Laboratory USA
Weston Tew , Chair National Institute of Standards and Technology USA
Andrew Todd National Research Council Canada
Inseok Yang Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science South Korea
Howard Yoon , Vice-Chair National Institute of Standards and Technology USA
Jintao Zhang National Institute of Metrology China