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Omega sells more than 165,000 products used to measure temperature and humidity, flow and level, and pressure. Products include thermocouple probes and assemblies, pressure gauges and switches, and air velocity measurement systems. Omega also makes data loggers and recorders, as well as electric heaters. The company was founded in 1962.

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Pond Engineering is a global supplier of primary and secondary ITS-90 Fixed Point cells and maintenance systems, offering innovative solutions to users of thermometer calibration equipment. As one of the innovation leaders in the temperature metrology industry, we have chosen to sponsor ITS10 to promote awareness of and interest in this field. Pond Engineering will be exhibiting at this year’s joint ITS10/MSC conference in booth #75. We will be showcasing our new water triple point system, including the K29D maintenance system and our innovative K29H “Halo Cell”, providing the ability to reliably ship the cell and eliminating long term drift.


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Statement from Alejandro Torrens of Isotech North America

Our support of the ITS-10/MSC scholarship program aims to maximize the participation of SIM members, especially those coming from under-resourced regions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Participation in this activity is one that reflects many of the fundamental values of Isotech. We have been a pillar of primary temperature measurements for over 40 years, supplying metrology standards and education to the vast majority of NMIs around the world. The spread of knowledge is a core principle of our company- a practice set by our founder John Tavener, a talented inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur, who paved this path through generous efforts to pass down his experience through conferences, papers, publications, and even personal instruction.

Shortly after joining Isotech’s US team in Vermont, I quickly learned that metrology plays an integral role to science, technology, medicine, and commerce, ranging from simple applications in routine life to its role in industrialization and international trade. These aspects are vital in promoting the overall well-being and efficiency of any given nation. Unfortunately, many under-resourced countries in our region are lacking these necessary building blocks, partially due to the scarcity of education in this field. This is very familiar to me, as I was born in the Dominican Republic, an under-resourced nation. Furthermore, during ITS-9 we witnessed the difficulties that many endured to attend the International Temperature Symposium, thus providing Isotech with insight on areas where we could fill the gaps and help effectively. We embrace our opportunity to help engineers and scientist to attend ITS10 to access the most current knowledge and information and boost advancement in their developing nations. It is important to note the powerful connection between the Quality-Infrastructure of a country, and that country’s fate.

The Isotech family is proud to join in this landmark celebration, ITS10 which marks 100 years of undeviating commitment and achievement to temperature metrology.

I am proud to announce the names of the scholarship recipients who were awarded full ITS10 registrations.

Name NMI Country
Bruno Lozano INMETRO Brazil
Billy Quispe INACAL Peru
Andres Jhovanny Bohorquez Garzon INM Colombia
Francis Hamilton TTBS Trinidad and Tobago
Javier Garcia Skabar INRI Argentina
Alberto Bedredin Velasquez Lopez SDE Honduras
Hamlet Herrera INDOCAL Dominican Republic

¡Qué Viva el 10º Simposio Internacional de Temperatura!