Herb DwyerThe rescheduled, yes, COVID caused the delay, 10th International Temperature Symposium (ITS10) which will be held at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA, USA, from April 3-7, 2023. It is a combined meeting in conjunction with the 2023 Measurement Science Conference (MSC), and features the combined technology exhibition and numerous technical papers. Even though delayed, your ITS10 Organizing Committee has been working to make this 100th Anniversary special to all the attendees, exhibitors and presenters. Our objective is to make it not only exciting but technically interesting and informative. Registration is opening soon, we have striven to keep the cost as low as possible, and still offer a variety of interactive lunches, dinners and even a reception. All of these are opportunities to interact with the attendees (exhibitors, your colleagues and technical paper presenters). The planning for our technology exhibits, including the MSC exhibitors is proceeding well, with significant interest among our commercial partners. The abstract submissions are open and receiving contributed papers as described below by the ITS10 Program Committee. As noted above, the conference venue is again the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California USA , which is the same venue that hosted the highly successful 2012 event, the ITS9. The link we’ve provided under the Menu tab “Venue/Travel” takes you directly to the Disney hotel reservation page for the host event, including the Measurement Science Conference. We are excited to celebrate our 100th Anniversary and look forward to sharing that celebration with you in Anaheim next April!

Herb Dwyer

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Program Inquiries: its10@nist.gov
Herb Dwyer, Organizing Committee Chair
Wes Tew, International Program Committee Chair
Howard Yoon, International Program Committee Vice Chair
Chris Meyer, Editor, Conference Proceedings
Dawn Cross, Conference Secretary